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with Confidence

Make sure your hard work is not for nothing. Upload your data & digital assets with PHAIDRA. Rest assured your work stays FAIR and relevant for future use.

Leave the Data‑Graveyard Go FAIR Instead

Too often data and digital assets are only stored and then forgotten forever instead of following FAIR principles.

PHAIDRA is built FAIR from the ground up, making it is easy to follow metadata standards such as Dublin Core.

Learn About FAIR

Simplify Data Management with a Refined Solution

Whether you need a solution for open access, dissemination or for long term preservation.

PHAIDRA was built with a focus on publication & archiving. Make your institution's life easier.


Dive Deep into the Open Tech

As a project pushing for Open Academia, it only was natural to become Open Source. Learn about the tech stack, how to run an instance locally and how to contribute to the code and the project.

Take the Plunge

map of middle europe showing places where PHAIDRA is used (Austria, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia)

Join the PHAIDRA Community

Take part in a connected community including dozens of public institutions, each with a diverse use case: from research data to historic pictures to museum art, everyone is welcome.

Meet the Community

Trusted by Over 20 Institutions

with 500.000+ Objects Stored

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Join the Open Academia Movement

PHAIDRA is just one piece of the puzzle of today's big questions around Open Research, Open Access and Open Academia. Tune into the discussion on EpistemiCast with guests from around the globe.

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